Posted By: April 06, 2011

Vincent Browne, Fr. Sean and Bobby Bellagh

Fr.Sean and Derek Warfield

Fr. Mc Manus’ Dublin launch of his Memoirs, “ My American Struggle
for Justice in Northern Ireland “ (Collins Press, Cork) was a
resounding success.
Held in Dublin Castle — once the seat of British administration for
the whole of Ireland –it attracted over three hundred guests. Apart
from Fr. Mc Manus, the two speakers were noted journalist and TV
personality Vincent Browne and well-known artist and activist, Bobby
Ballard.Fr. Mc Manus expressed his deep appreciation for each esteemed

Entertainment was provided by Derek Warfield – Young Wolfe Tones.

“ I am so deeply grateful for the great Derek Warfield for offering to
perform for us. He has been a good friend for many years. He is not
only a great balladeer but most importantly a great Dublin patriot who
has never forgotten his roots or his duty to speak up for (not just
sing) for Irish justice”.

Referring to the size of the crowd, Fr. Mc Manus expressed
amazement. : “I could not believe it. It speaks volumes for the
ability of the organizing Committee, headed by my brother, Frank and
Donal Donnelly — and composed of, among others, Tom Cooper of the
Irish National Congress, Sean Sherwin, John O’ Mahoney, Paddy O’
Regan, Charlie Murphy and John Mc Kay”.

Donal Donelly is the author of the recent book, “ Prisoner
1082” (Collins Press, Cork) about his great escape in 1960 from the
infamous Crumlin Road Jail, Belfast. This is a very important book,
especially for Irish-Americans who want to learn more about the
1956-1962 period.