Posted By: November 12, 2013

 CAPITOL HILL .  Monday, November 11, 2013 ——–There are prizes for all sorts of things, but none more fitting and needed than ” World Peace Prize, ” established in 1989.
And for the co-founding and maintenance of this Prize, the world has to be grateful for the leadership of a remarkable man in Seoul, South Korea.
The Reverend Dr. Han Min Su (Koreans give their family name first) is a retired Presbyterian Minister. This learned and humble man is driven by a passion for world peace, ecumenism and equality for all God’s children, wherever they may be.
Two of the most recent recipients of the World Peace Prize are Irish National Caucus leaders, Barbara Flaherty (Executive Vice President) and Fr. Sean Mc Manus (President). The award medals were presented to them at an impressive event in Seoul, South Korea on October 24, 2013.
Dr. Han, who speaks several languages, reached out to Fr. Mc Manus because he was impressed by Fr. Mc Manus’ life-long commitment to justice and peace in Ireland, and to his effectiveness in keeping the U.S Congress involved in the Irish issue. Someone once said “only lifetimes matter,” and if that is so, then
Fr. Mc Manus is the personification of that aphorism.
Barbara Flaherty explains: “On the Irish issue we have watched people come and go — intensely interested for a year or so, and then gone and onto something else  — but Fr. Mc Manus never deviated, stayed the course, and provided leadership for generations of Irish-Americans. Noted Dublin commentator and broadcaster, Vincent Browne — the most skeptical and stringent of critics — concedes:  ‘[Fr. Mc Manus] stood out against powerful forces in a fight for justice and fairness. I didn’t always agree with the causes he supported, but I admired his persistence, his courage, and his relentlessness. And admiration that one person, almost alone, could make such impact on public policy in the United States’.”
Since returning from Seoul, Fr. Mc Manus and Barbara Flaherty have stayed in close contact with Dr. Han.
Fr. Mc Manus explains: ” Dr. Han is an inspired and gracious leader, full of compassion and Christian love. He is profoundly committed to the Gospel of Peace, to ecumenism among all religions,  and to equality for all God’s children. Our office in Washington will liaise closely and directly with his office in Seoul — as Seoul is the heart and center of Dr. Han’s word-wide Mission. We are honored to help him in any way we can.