Posted By: June 11, 2012

Baltimore’s Bill Pribyl and Fr. Sean 

Barbara speaks about the American Edition

Fr. Sean personalizes the book

  Bobby, Gail Dapolito and B. Maureen Flaherty –LAOH Members  

Washington Irish Turn Out For Fr. Mc Manus’ Book Launch
Capitol Hill. Sunday, June 10, 2012 – The local DC Irish gathered on Capitol Hill on Sunday, June 10, 2102 for the launching of  the American Edition of Fr. Sean Mc Manus’s  Memoirs, My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland.
The American Edition expands significantly on the Irish Edition, which was published by Collins Press, Cork, 2011.

The American Edition has fifty extra pages, with 22 additional photos.

Chairperson of the Launch, Barbara Flaherty, introducing Fr. Mc Manus said: “ It is my privilege, honor and joy to be closely involved with the production and promotion  of this wonderful book.” And she urged the audience to, “ use the book as the author intended : to reinvigorate the Irish Cause”.

Fr. Mc Manus summarized some of his main themes, and explained : “ The thing that has haunted me all my life is this : Why did people in  power, in Church and State , go along with British Government  oppression of Catholics in Northern Ireland.”
The NYC  Launch of the book is on June 28 at 7 PM in O’Lunney’s  Times Square Pub, 145 West 45 th. ST.
Signed copies of the book are available only  at irishnationalcaucus.org