Cross-community group of Troubles victims to meet with Simon Coveney

Posted By: January 19, 2022


Victims’ campaigners have long outlined their opposition to the proposal amnesty for Troubles offences.

By Cate McCurry, PA. Belfast Telegraph. Tuesday, January 18, 2022.


A cross-community group of Troubles victims is to outline their opposition to the Government’s legacy proposals during a meeting with the Irish foreign affairs minister.


Simon Coveney is to meet with the group on Wednesday in Dublin.


The group of victims, including John Teggart – whose father was killed by soldiers in Ballymurphy, Raymond McCord – whose son was killed by loyalists, and Eugene Reavey – whose three brothers were shot dead by a loyalist paramilitary gang, will meet the Fine Gael minister.


Victims’ campaigners have long outlined their opposition to the proposed amnesty for Troubles offences.


Raymond McCord, from Truth and Justice Movement, said they are seeking support from the Irish government.


“The agenda is the British government’s shameful amnesty proposals,” Mr McCord said.


“Our cross community group the Truth and Justice Movement has, since August, been engaged in meetings in London and Belfast with all the main political parties in Ireland and the UK, except the Tories.


“Each political representative signed a historical document in agreement of support for us and rejecting the amnesty proposals.


“We have also the support of the NIPSA trade union.


“We are going to Dublin to talk to and listen to Minister Coveney about how and what the Irish government can do to help us stop all of the British government’s proposals.”


There has been widespread opposition to the plans to ban future prosecutions of military veterans and ex-paramilitaries for Troubles incidents predating April 1998.


Minister Coveney has a reputation as a straight talker who speaks his mind and listens as well and I as someone from the unionist community along with our group respect that.

Raymond McCord

The Government also intends to put forward a new truth recovery model to help bereaved families gain information about the deaths of their loved ones without the prospect of a criminal justice outcome.


Mr McCord said the proposals will “deny truth and justice” to families.


“Minister Coveney has a reputation as a straight talker who speaks his mind and listens as well, and I, as someone from the unionist community, along with our group respect that,” Mr McCord added.


“The real purpose of these amnesty proposals is to hide the hand of the British state’s involvement in the murders of innocent people. Murder is murder is murder.


“Truth and Justice must not be abolished or denied for the sake of burying the truth.


“We all must ensure that it’s the victims and their families who come first, not those who committed murder , be it the state, members of the security forces or paramilitaries.


“Once again the British government has put the murderers first and ignored the victims.”