Caucus Applauds Gary Hart Appointment

Posted By: October 23, 2014

Capitol Hill. Wednesday, October 22, 2014 — Irish-Americans greatly wecome the appointment of former U.S. Senator Gary Hart as Special Envoy to Northern Ireland.

Fr. Sean Mc Manus— president of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus— said : “ Gary Hart is no johnny-come-lately.He has a long standing and deep interest in Irish  justice and peace.As a Presidential Candidate, Gary issued the enclosed statement to the Irish National Caucus on January 2, 2014.Our good friend, the young  Martin O’Malley, now Governor of Maryland— and a possible future  President— was also very involved in the issuance of Gary Hart’s statement.”
Fr. Mc Manus concluded : “I join with all concrned Irish-Americans in wishing Gary godspeed in his new mission, and old cause.I hope he can nudge all the parties in Northern Ireland along a progressive path.Most of all,  I hope  he can convince the two sovereign governments of London and Dublin to do their duty and keep the promises they have signed  in the international treaty of the Good Friday Agreement.”

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Irish National Caucus

Washington, D.C., Jan 2, 1984 ..,Democratic Presidential Candi-

date, Gary Hart, has issued the following statement on Ireland

to the Irish National Caucus:


“The complex and centuries…socioeconomic divi­ sions in the North of ‘Ireland cannot be healed overnight, nor can they be cured by force of arms, by violence, orby shortsighted neglect. “Admittedly, the search for a solution often ap­ pears hopeless, hut this is only because the wrong questions are being asked. The debate should no longer center over who is responsible for this orthat violence; condemning symptoms does nothing to cure the disease. One ‘must instead ask how it is possible to eliminate the very cause of the violence in order to secure a just and lasting solution to the conflict. 

“All electoral initiatives in the past have failed for one fundamental reason: they have not taken into account the democratic wishes of the peo- pIe of Ireland as a whole.


“The best way, and in fact, the only way to es­ tablish a lasting peace is within a democratic All­ Ireland context. Regardless of long fostered socio­ economic divisions, the fact must be recognized that Ireland is essentially one nation. With the accept­ ance of this historical fact, the first step on the road to a long overdue peace in that troubled land will have been taken.


“As Americans, we share rich cultural and poli­ tical ties with the peoples of Britain and Ireland; we are therefore in an ideal position to encourage, as a common friend, a peaceful and just resolution. It is my sincere wish that in these years ahead the United States will seize upon this opportunity to playa noble role in ending this tragic conflict,

and in creating a new spirit of cooperation between

the great peoples of both Islands.”


In responding to the statement, Fr. Mc Manus, National Director, said: “We welcome Mr. Hart’s strong position on Ireland.  It is an excellent statement.  We urge Irish-Americans to keep asking all Presidential Candidates their position on Ireland.”