Posted By: September 22, 2022





Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus

“Catholics are now the majority in Northern Ireland; the latest census shows today— Catholic population is 45.7% compared to 43.48% Protestant population.

 It is the first time Catholics are the majority since the racist (anti-Irish) and sectarian (anti-Catholic) Six-County State of Northern Ireland was violently, artificially, and undemocratically carved out from the rest of Ireland’s 26 Counties. That was perpetrated on December 23, 1920, by the “Partition Act” of the London Parliament, with the assent of the then King of England.

The last act of oppression—by the oppressor of an oppressed people—is to tell the oppressed on the verge of their freedom that they cannot rejoice in their pending freedom. So, now we can expect Catholics to be told that they must not be pleased that their gerrymandered minority status Is now ended … Imagine a Congressional District in America that was gerrymandered for over 100 years to blatantly keep Blacks from ever coming to power or equality…Then imagine Blacks finally becoming the majority … Surely, they would be entitled to welcome the coming of democracy in that Congressional District. And now, thank God, Blacks are blessed with the self-confidence and self-esteem to welcome such democracy and equality.

So, too, Catholics in The North are entitled to welcome the ending of England’s imposed minority status. Equally, Catholics must show, which they surely will, that they have no desire to treat Protestants unfairly … that Catholics will generously demonstrate that they want to build up The Beloved Community in a new, shared, Ireland in unity, peace, justice, equality and solidarity, as in the spirit of the Irish National Caucus’ One Ireland Petition—

—Fr. Sean Mc Manus