Car ploughs into nationalists

Posted By: July 14, 2015

Irish News( Belfast). Tuesday, July15, 2015

* Terrifying scenes after Orange march

* Riot police forced to lift vehicle to rescue trapped 16-year-old girl

* Driver arrested n Teen hospitalised

A 16-year-old girl was rushed to hospital last night after a car ploughed into a nationalist crowd following an Orange Order parade in north Belfast.

There were terrifying scenes as several people were knocked down on Crumlin Road at Ardoyne. Riot police were forced to lift the car to rescue the teenager.

It happened as loyalist rioting broke out after thousands of Orangemen, bands and their supporters had marched to police lines blocking the route through the nationalist area.

Witnesses said the driver of the Nissan, wearing a band uniform and believed to be a member of a parading forum, had stopped at a traffic light when onlookers started booing him. One man was seen to kick his vehicle’s wing mirror.

Nationalist protesters shouted “let him go” but he appeared to panic and drive into the crowd.

The car injured several people, before reversing and hitting the 16-year-old girl from Ardoyne, who became trapped underneath.

Police lifted the car and gave first aid as paramedics in riot gear arrived, while Holy Cross parish priest Fr Gary Donegan comforted her mother.

Some bystanders attempted to pull the bandsman from the car but he was taken to safety by police and later arrested.

The girl’s condition in hospital was described as stable last night.

The Greater Ardoyne Residents’ Collective said the girl could have been killed.

Meanwhile, up to eight officers were injured after bottles and bricks were thrown at police lines during rioting by loyalists.

A water cannon was later used on protesters along Twaddell Avenue.