Brexit developments point to a sea border

Posted By: May 19, 2018

Newton Emerson. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, May 19, 2018
A sudden rush of developments on Brexit might seem confusing but matters are greatly simplified when you realize it all points to a sea border.

The row between London and Dublin over a customs partnership versus ‘maximum facilitation,’ for instance, is about how much frontier infrastructure will be required.

The row between London and Brussels over a transition period is about how to minimize this infrastructure with technology.

The row between Dublin and the DUP is about Unionists realizing that whatever infrastructure is required will be in the Port of Belfast because London has promised it will not be in Newry.

This has long been clear to those most directly affected. Preparations at the Port of Belfast are reassuringly advanced.

There was some Nationalist alarm this week when Brexit was blamed for the canceled sale of a former police station in Warrenpoint. But of course, while this is near Newry, it is really about Warrenpoint Harbour – the other sea border.