Loyalist Violence A Backlash Against Euality

Posted By: September 19, 2005

Loyalist Violence Is A Backlash Against Equality, Says USPriestBy Michael McHughBelfast Telegraph. Monday, September 19, 2005Irish America sees echoes of the anti-civil rights protestsof the 1960s in the recent loyalist rioting, the head of theWashington-based lobby group has said.Fr Sean McManus from the Irish National Caucus claimedmemories of the white backlash against the civil rightsmovement […]

Unionists Lack Someone To Lead Them To Peace

Posted By: September 13, 2005

Unionists Lack Someone To Lead Them Into Peace(Susan McKay, Irish News) September 13, 2005“You’re not going to ballyrag me and say I’mresponsible,” Ian Paisley said. “There’s no usepicking on me,” Sir Reg Empey said. We saidthere’d be trouble and we were proved right, bothof these leaders of unionism said yesterday,after a weekend of unionist mayhem […]

Fr Mc Manuss Letter to NY Times

Posted By: September 12, 2005

Fr. Mc Manus’s Letter to New York Times— Monday , September 12, 2005 Dear Editor, In your report on violence in Northern Ireland, “ProtestantsRiot for 2nd Night in Belfast, Injuring 30 Police Officers”(September, 12) you refer to the Orange Order as a “Protestantmen’s organization”. That’s a bit like saying the KKK likes todress in white. […]

Reiss Cautioned About Double Standard

Posted By: September 12, 2005

Reiss Cautioned About ” Double-Standard”Irish National Caucus Press ReleaseDr. Mitchell ReissSpecial Envoy for Northern IrelandMonday, September 12, 2005Dear Mitchell,Welcome back from Northern Ireland. I hope your visit hasadvanced the peace-process. Unfortunately your visitcoincided with the anti-Catholic Orange Order riot.BBC quotes you as giving credit to Unionist leader Mr.FredCobain for helping to restrain the rioters: “The […]

Reiss Urged to Act on Police

Posted By: September 07, 2005

Reiss Urged to Act on Police Dr. Mitchell ReissSpecial Envoy for Northern Ireland.Wednesday, September 7, 2005 Dear Mitchell, On August 31, 2005 I E-mailed you an article fromThe Irish News by Brian Feeney ”Ever get thefeeling no-one’s in charge?”(Irish News,Wednesday, August 31, 2005) — about theperceived double standards of the PSNI. Mr. Feeney argued:”The PSNI […]

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