McCord’s Relentless Campaign for Justice

Posted By: May 22, 2018

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed by Irish National Caucus  Raymond McCord, Sr. — a proud Belfast Protestant/Unionist—is one of the heroes of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. As the attached article from the Belfast Telegraph reminds us, he has fearlessly campaigned since 1997 for justice for his murdered son, Raymond, Jr.—a Protestant victim of British government […]

Haggarty release heaps suffering on relatives of his victims

Posted By: May 21, 2018

John Dallat MLA. SDLP, East Derry. Letters to Editor. Irish News. Belfast. Monday, May 21, 2018   The decision to release UVF killer Gary Haggarty from prison and provide him with a new identity under a witness protection scheme before an appeal against his lenient sentence could be heard defies logic or any sense of justice. It simply heaps pain and suffering […]

Life on the border has its own subtle customs

Posted By: May 21, 2018

Liam Fay. The Times.London. Saturday, May 19, 2018   Political flashpoints don’t get much more unflashy than the frontier between Northern Ireland and the Republic, a meandering 500km strip largely made up of fields, streams and bogs. Once the sharp edge of a combat zone, the borderlands are now a haven of pastoral peacefulness.The beauty of the border is that it’s invisible. […]

Free Presbyterian Church in dark over ecumenical advances

Posted By: May 20, 2018

 Irish News. Belfast. Published Monday,  May 21, 2018 The recent description of the Eucharist/Mass as ‘evil’ by Clogher Valley,  Free Presbyterian Minister Peter McIntyre (May 7) has evoked a shocked response from those who understand and love the Eucharist. We cherish the Eucharist because it is one of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s last and very important commandments: “Do this […]

Brexit developments point to a sea border

Posted By: May 19, 2018

Newton Emerson. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, May 19, 2018A sudden rush of developments on Brexit might seem confusing but matters are greatly simplified when you realize it all points to a sea border.The row between London and Dublin over a customs partnership versus ‘maximum facilitation,’ for instance, is about how much frontier infrastructure will be required.The row between London and Brussels over […]

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