Posted By: March 29, 2019

PRESS INFORMATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOMINATED FOR A BAFTA Today’s BAFTA nomination of Massacre at Ballymurphy – Channel 4’s ninety minute special investigation into the death of 11 innocent people in one nationalist housing estate in Belfast in 1971 –  allegedly at the hands of British forces – has been warmly welcomed by the families […]

A united Ireland: a hard border fix that dare not speak its name

Posted By: March 27, 2019

Opinion: given the impasse around Brexit and the border, is it time to contemplate a new  constitutional conversation about Irish unity?By Colin Harvey, Queen’s University Belfast. RTE. Dublin. Friday, January 25, 2019The discussion of Irish unity is gaining momentum. Brexit has fundamentally altered the nature of this conversation, as more people now reflect on the constitutional future. The debate is happening and has […]

A new conversation about a united Ireland could be a win for all

Posted By: March 27, 2019

 “Brexit has inevitably invited reflection about the constitutional future of this island”Opinion: a new post-Brexit debate about Irish unity could take in a radically different vision of a unified and reconciled island Colin Harvey, Queen’s University, RTE. Dublin. Wednesday, March 27,  2019 The term “nationalism” is much used and discussed. In The North, it is adopted as convenient shorthand for those […]

Britain’s border in Ireland needs to go

Posted By: March 27, 2019

“Border Communities Against Brexit” is continuing its campaign against the British border in Ireland. Jim Gibney. Irish News. Belfast.Wednesday, March 27, 2019 THE ‘Border Communities Against Brexit’, BCAB, is providing a great service to the people of this nation, all the people, irrespective of their political allegiance.Since their formation in 2016, they have helped to place Britain’s border in Ireland at […]

Arlene Foster was told to do what the DUP does best – say no

Posted By: March 27, 2019

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus Having backed the DUP into a Brexit cul-de-sac, Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds are now digging a hole at the end of the cul-de-sac.  Brian Feeney. Irish News.Belfast. Wednesday, March 27, 2019  SOME of Theresa May’s opponents talk of her Withdrawal Agreement being a ‘blind Brexit’ because no-one knows where […]

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