AOH to Present Mc Manus Memoirs to Congress

Posted By: July 16, 2011

FR. Mc Manus addresses Ladies AOH and Men's AOH  CAPITOL HILL. July 15, 2003 --- The New York State Board of the AOH has formally announced it will present to every Member of the New York Congressional Delegation  (29 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and two U.S. Senators) a signed copy of Fr. Sean Mc Manus’ Memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland (Collins Press Cork).  The outgoing President of the NY AOH, the popular and widely respected Chip Mc Lean, announced the initiative at the Ladies AOH and Men’s AOH convention in Pearl River, NY, on Thursday, July 14, 2011. The announcement was greeted with sustained applause.  When Fr. Mc Manus was introduced to give a keynote speech , he was given a resounding standing ovation by the 200 hundred guests.  He applauded the men of AOH. And he lavished praise on the Ladies AOH, singling out the National Secretary, Mary Hogan  who is an enthusiastic promoter of his Memoirs.  Barbara Flaherty – the main publicist for the book – said: “ It was a wonderful to see how Fr. Mc Manus’ speech was received. The delegates were clearly very moved, and kept saying so throughout the day as they bought signed-personalized copies of the book”.  She continued: “ This is a very important initiative by the AOH. Presenting the book to all the NY Congressional Delegation sends a very clear message to Congress: The AOH expects their Representatives and Senators to be fully informed on the struggle to get the U.S. Congress to stand up for Irish justice. And this book is the perfect tool for that. Fr. Mc Manus gives the real story on what Congress did, or failed to do, over the past 40 years. It’s a cautionary tale for the U.S. Congress. That is why Irish-Americans must never allow Members of Congress to turn a blind eye (as some did in the past) to equality, justice and peace in Ireland. Therefore, promoting this special, unique book is the very best way to promote the Irish cause. In that sense, we can accurately say: 'The book is the mission, and the mission is the book'. The mission, of course, is to spread the word, to revive and reinvigorate the Irish cause, and to keep the U.S.Congress deeply involved. That’s the mission of this book, as it has been Fr. Mc Manus’s mission for 40 years”. END.