Anti-Catholic graffiti painted on wall opposite east Belfast primary school

Posted By: July 24, 2015

John Monaghan. Irish News ( Belfast). Friday, July 24, 2015

  Sectarian graffiti on Connsbrook Avenue in east Belfast . Picture: Matt Bohill 

GRAFFITI threatening Catholics has appeared opposite a primary school in east Belfast, in the latest incident of sectarian slogans across the city in recent weeks.

“No Taigs in our area” was sprayed across a wall at Connsbrook Avenue yesterday, following similar sectarian graffiti being painted in north and south Belfast earlier this month.

The graffiti, situated within the predominantly unionist Sydenham area of east Belfast, is opposite a primary school.

Victoria Park, a state controlled primary school, has in recent years welcomed increasing numbers of Catholic and ethnic minority 


Last night one Twitter user said she had rallied “a group from the community” to paint over the graffiti after a parent “messaged me saying she doesn’t want her kids seeing this and asking her what it meant”.

Earlier this month a wooden cross appeared beside graffiti on the Donegall Road warning that “taigs will be dealt with” and “taigs enter at your own risk.”

The menacing slogan was daubed just days after armed loyalists posed at Broadway roundabout beside a message stating “taigs will be crucified.”