Anniversary of IRA ceasefire

Posted By: September 02, 2014

Irish Times. Tuesday,  September 2, 2014

Sir, – The time for the congratulatory if not superficial tone of your editorialof
August 30th (“The first, faltering steps”), noting the 20th anniversary of the IRA
ceasefire, is long since past. We have a right to expect far more of the last 20

Your view that prospects for the devolved administration dominated by the DUP and
Sinn Féin are “good” is not shared here.

There is a profound disillusionment across the electorate with the abject failure of
the Executive to move beyond merely keeping the political arrangements in place,
with no attempt to tackle the radical reforms needed to move Northern Ireland out of
its entrenched segregation.

An important study by Prof Colin Knox of the University of Ulster has shown that the
areas where the the conflict was concentrated not only experience higher rates of
multiple deprivation than other areas but that circumstances in these districts have
worsened since the Executive came into office. A major study by Prof Mike Tomlinson
of Queen’s University, using a different approach, reaches a similar conclusion.
We are now entering an electoral cycle over the next two years (Westminster and
Assembly) where any risk-taking by the political parties will be minimal.
So, we are likely to get more of the same.

There’s a fair chance, therefore, that all you will be able to do on the 25th
anniversary of the ceasefire will be to reprint your editorial. – Yours, etc,

Knockdene Park,