Agony of McCord family compounded by Court hearing

Posted By: December 15, 2017

CAPITOL HILL. Friday, December 15, 2017— Today’s Irish News of Belfast carried a report on the trial of alleged killer/British police agent: “LOYALIST killer turned supergrass Gary Haggarty warned his Special Branch handler about two UVF murders – including the high-profile killing of Raymond McCord, Jr. The startling admission was made by defense barrister Martin O’Rourke QC, who said that his client – who became a Special Branch agent in 1993 – was entitled to receive a substantial discount for the assistance he gave to police.”

Fr. Sean McManus—President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National  Caucus. “Knowing that my friend Raymond Mc Cord, Sr. would have been in court I emailed him. I expressed my concern that it had to be very difficult for him to sit and listen to further proof that his son had been murdered (1997) even though the police knew in advance it was going to happen— and did nothing to stop it. The Irish National Caucus has been supporting McCord’s quest for justice for many years and arranged for him to testify before Congress in 2009.I received the following reply from the intrepid Mc Cord, which he requested I make public and which follows below.”

Dear Sean

It is disgusting. I was in the court yesterday and everything I said in the past was vindicated. The Special Branch handlers should be charged with the murder of my son, Raymond, Jr.

It was stomach churning, sitting in the Court listening and knowing that young Raymond would still be alive if the Special Branch had warned him. They choose to let him be murdered in a most horrific way.

Now I’m calling for a full Independent Judiciary Inquiry into young Raymond’s murder and the activities of the Special Branch.

 Again, silence from the DUP and, in particular, my own MP, Nigel Dodds, the deputy leader of the DUP. Young Raymond was a constituent of Dodds, as I am.

The Chief Constable as well has been silent and I call for him to be sacked if he doesn’t do the decent thing and resign. As a Unionist, I am sickened that the police force set up to protect its citizens was complicit in my son’s brutal murder and not one Unionist politician has spoken out or supported my family in our quest for justice especially after Haggarty’s admissions in court.

 We are on our own, except for some victims of both communities supporting us, along with yourself in Washington. My fight for truth and justice continues for my son. The state betrayed him. —Raymond Mc Cord, Sr.

Fr. Sean Mc Manus