Posted By: March 06, 2018

CAPITOL HILL. Monday, March 5, 2018— It was a busy day for the Irish cause on Capitol Hill on Monday. A powerful film was shown on collusion. Collusion is the British Government’s conspiracy to facilitate  Unionist/Protestant death squads in the systematic killing of Catholics (of course, the murder of young Raymond McCord, Jr shows the British Government was also prepared to kill some Protestants, too).And there was strong lobbying for another Congressional Hearing on Human Rights violations in Northern Ireland.

The film “ No Stone Unturned” was shown in the Capitol Building, hosted by Congressman Ritchie Neal ( D-MA). To promote the documentary film on the  1994 Loughinisland Massacre three of its “stars” had traveled from The North:  Mother and daughter, Clare and Emma Rogan and attorney Niall Murphy of the famed Kevin Winters Law Firm in Belfast.
Clare lost her 34-year old husband in the awful atrocity, while Emma was 8-years old.Emma is now a Sinn Fein MLA.
During the day, the three visitors from Ireland advocated for another Congressional Hearing, along with Sean Pender, National Treasurer of the AOH,  and  Fr. Sean Mc Manus and Barbara Flaherty of the Irish National Caucus, who arranged a meeting with the Helsinki Commission, Chaired by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ). Congressman Smith has the astounding record of having held 16 Congressional Hearings on Northern Ireland.They met with Mark Milosch,
key staff person for the Commission.
Emma Rogan, Niall Murphy, Mark Milosch, Clare Rogan, Barbara Flaherty, Fr. Sean Mc Manus
Fr. Sean McManus, Niall Murphy and Sean Pender.