A Sky News reporter reckons referring to Saoirse Ronan as British is ‘a compliment’

Posted By: January 10, 2016

The Journal.ie (Dublin). Saturday, January 10, 2016

Richard Suchet has doubled down on comments he made about the actress yesterday.

THE SKY NEWS journalist who referred to Saoirse Ronan as “one of ours” has now said that that seeing her as British is “a compliment”.

During a report on Bafta nominations yesterday, reporter Richard Suchet made the all-too-frequent mistake of claiming an Irish actor as British.

While announcing the nominations for Leading Actress in a film, of whom Ronan is one, he said:

I think we can take Saoirse Ronan as one of ours.
 Source: shane smith/Twitter

Many people online pointed out the mistake to the reporter, but Suchet was adamant that he had not misspoken.

Even Ireland’s national broadcaster got involved in defending Ronan’s nationality and Suchet couldn’t resist writing back.

It didn’t end there though, with Suchet suggest that seeing an Irish person as British could even be seen as “a compliment”.
Ronan was born in New York to Dublin parents, and was raised in both Carlow and Dublin after they returned to live in Ireland when she was a toddler.
The actress, previously nominated for an Oscar, is also up for a Golden Globe this weekend.