25th. Anniversary of Ad Hoc Congressional Committee For Irish Affairs

Posted By: March 29, 2013

” Perhaps the Caucus’s boldest success has been its effort, with the AOH, to create an informal Congressional body known as the Ad Hoc Committee for Irish Affairs”–Front Page Story on the Irish National Caucus, ” Lobby … Gaining Support in Congress “, New York Times, September 21, 1979

Washington DC. September 25, 2002– Last evening in the Hearing Room of the House International Relations Committee of the US Congress , Irish Americans and Congressional leaders celebrated the 25th. Anniversary of the formation of the Ad Hoc Congressional Committee for Irish Affairs The event was hosted by the AOH.

The Committee was formed on September 28, 1977, with Congressman Mario Biaggi (D-NY) as its first Chairman. Fr. Sean Mc Manus , President , Irish National Caucus, chaired the Press Conference on Capitol Hill announcing the Committee’s formation.

” The 25th Anniversary was a very special occasion — nostalgic, yet happy — marking a pivotal moment in the struggle for equality, justice and peace in Ireland”, Fr. Mc Manus said. ” I congratulate the AOH for hosting the celebration”, he continued , ” and I look forward to working closely with the new and excellent AOH President, Ned Mc Ginley. When the Committee was formed in 1977 , the great Jack Keane was president of the AOH, followed by the equally great Tom Mc Nabb( who was present at the event). Those two have been the most effective presidents of the AOH in the past 25 years. I believe Ned Mc Ginley will now equal them.”

Also present at the event was Bob Blancato, Congressman Biaggi’s former Chief of Staff. ” Bob and I did some great work together”, concluded Fr. Mc Manus,” and it was really special seeing him there”.