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Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus

Raymond McCord’s reply to the statement by Irish National Caucus, which was titled “Huge embarrassment to King Charles III and the British Parliament.”

Friday, March 1, 2024

The intrepid and famed Belfast Protestant victims campaigner said:

“The British government in their pursuit of hiding the state’s involvement in thousands of murders during the ‘Troubles’ decided to seek a legal path of cover-up by introducing the Legacy Bill, now passed into Act by King Charles and the British Parliament.

Now that the courts have ruled that major parts of the Act are incompatible with the human rights of the victims and their families. In particular, for giving amnesties to the murderers, decency should demand the government ought to abolish this Act which is  the biggest abuse of human rights in the British justice system.

I said over two years ago that we would defeat the British government, and the courts have verified that. The court decided that the ICRIR could go ahead and deal with inquests and that will be appealed by victims.

Inquests according to the law are dealt with by the coroner’s court, not a Commission headed by a former judge.  We will not cooperate with any commission particularly one that has been established by the British government.

The Legacy Bill/Act, which denies my murdered son an inquest, has forced me into deciding that I owe no allegiance to the Crown, namely  King Charles or the British government. I sent a letter to King Charles asking him not to give his Royal Assent to the Legacy Bill, making it legal. He didn’t even acknowledge my letter even though it contained details of the murder of my son Raymond Jr.

I interpret that as the King saying my son’s murder does not matter to him. He might be King of the UK and the Commonwealth but he’s not my king. His total disrespect to my murdered son sealed my decision.  My fight for truth and justice for young Raymond and all victims will continue and with the help and continued support of the Irish National Caucus, Congress, and the USA my campaign will achieve truth and justice.” END