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Distributed to Congress by the Irish National Caucus

September 22, 2023.

The formal phrase ‘King in Parliament’ (or Monarch in Parliament or Crown in Parliament) is used to describe the British legislature, composed of the Sovereign, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons.

Thus, for Bills to become law (an Act) the King must give his Royal Assent. So, for example, the shameful and universally opposed Legacy Bill could not have become the Legacy Act without the collusion of King Charles III. Therefore, let no one try to tell you that the King of England has no real power—he most certainly has.

Had King Charles’ great grandfather King George V not given his Royal Assent on December 23, 1920, to the Partition of Ireland, it could not have become law.

Therefore, it can be properly said that both King Charles III and King George V colluded in a profoundly undemocratic and unjust crimes against Ireland—like so many of their predecessors.

And, yet, one the greatest con-jobs of all time is that the Monarchs of England have succeeded in giving the impression that they are totally above the fray, sweetly uninvolved, and just wishing things had been different. So, for example, Charles on his first visit as King to Northern Ireland, piously bemoaned about, “those whom history had separated.”

No, Your Majesty, “history” did not do that. Your great-grand father did that, along with your Parliament. … Just like YOU give your Royal Assent to the shameful Legacy Bill turning it into an Act …Just like You blatantly and blithely swore YOUR anti-Catholic Coronation Oath as required by the unwritten and uncodified British Constitution.

History did not do that deed of “separation.” YOU did it.

Collusion of the Church of England

But the Coronation Ceremony, also, laid bare the complicity of the Church of England in this great sin of Catholic exclusion, banning, and demonization.

The Royal Family website laid out the role of the Church of England and other participating Church Ministers in the Coronation in its “The Coronation Service – Order of Service”— “Today’s service draws on that long tradition, set once again within the context of the Eucharist, which is the defining act of worship for the Church universal.”

Therefore, the Coronation is not just a civic ceremony but a religious one… And exclusion and bigotry in the context of the Eucharist is particularly shocking, if not sacrilegious and blasphemous.

How can the Church of England and the other Ministers who played an active role in administering the Anti-Catholic Coronation Oath possibly justify their action because the Eucharist is meant to be “a sacrament of love, a sign of unity, a bond of charity.” … Yet, the very law—the highest law in England and in the British constitution—which governs the Coronation, brazenly, proudly, and by name, excludes Catholics—the oldest and largest Christian faith in the history of the world?

Divine Right of Kings Blasphemy

Finally, the script for administering the Anti-Catholic oath seems to tacitly condone the awful history of England’s colonialism and the discredited blasphemy of the “divine right of Kings.” Just one example: The Anglican Archbishop says: “WILL you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland…” and, “BE your head anointed with holy oil, …so may you be anointed, blessed, and consecrated King over the peoples, whom the Lord your God has given you to rule and govern.”

How, in the name of God, could the Archbishop utter words like that! God never gave Ireland, or any part thereof, to any King of England—nor, indeed, did God give any country in the previous British Empire to England. England stole it all— by international terrorism, racism, sectarianism, genocide, socially engineered famines, rape, and plunder.