McCord-Irish National Caucus call on King Charles to refuse Royal Assent to appalling British Amnesty Bill

Posted By: September 01, 2023

McCord-Irish National Caucus call on King Charles to refuse Royal Assent to appalling British Amnesty Bill

The Tories in the British Parliament have the votes to pass the appalling Amnesty Bill. Only one individual can personally stop them—King Charles III.

In the British system, such a Bill can only become law with the “Royal Assent”—the assent of the Monarch, King, or Queen. The fact that the Royal Assent has never been refused since 1708 does not officially change the law: the Monarch still has the right to refuse. Because of this fact, the Irish National called on July 27, 2023, for King Charles to refuse his Royal Assent, and later Raymond McCord issued his call on August 3, 2023.

Belfast Protestant McCord has been the most visible opponent of the Amnesty Bill on the entire island of Ireland. His son Raymond, Jr. was brutally murdered near Belfast in 1997 and, because those responsible for the murder were British agents and police informers, the British government has ruthlessly covered up the crime to this day.

The Irish National Caucus has brought Raymond, Sr. to Capitol Hill three times, securing a Congressional Hearing for him in 2009.

Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Irish National Caucus, said: “It is clear to all informed about the political dynamics of Northern Ireland, that the testimony, courage, and determination of Raymond, Sr. has unique resonance and power. Indeed, the British Embassy in Washington fears no voice as much as his. The British government is well used to fending off charges of killing Catholics in Ireland (after all, they have a lot of practice!). But when a Protestant breaks rank and bravely speaks truth to power as the indomitable McCord has done, the British government cannot handle the truth.”

Fr. Mc Manus continued: “Although the Amnesty Bill offers amnesty to others besides British soldiers and their political bosses, everyone knows that the Bill is not about helping the Protestants and Catholics of Northern Ireland—it is all about England’s interests, and always has been… The Protestants were used …the Catholics were abused. That’s what the British Empire did throughout the world—divide and conquer.

(Raymond McCord and I may not agree on all points about the British Empire, nor do we have to work for justice in particular cases. But we agree that King Charles should refuse his Royal Assent to this appalling Amnesty Bill. Indeed, all political parties in Ireland, north and south, are opposed to the Amnesty Bill, thanks to Raymond’s inspiring leadership).

Fr. McManus concluded: “Blessed Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us, ‘The time is always right to do what is right.’ The time is now right for King Charles.”