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By Fr. Sean Mc Manus. Saturday, July 22, 2023.


Let our guide on this be, not a famous Irish hero, but a famous French hero—General/President De Gaulle: “For England … there is no alliance that holds, no treaty that is respected, no truth that matters.” And now, 103 years after England’s bad faith in partitioning Ireland, December 23, 1920, we have yet another example of England’s bad faith: the odious Legacy Bill … But it is important to remember that just as the Partition Bill could not become law without the Royal Assent of King George V, the Legacy Bill cannot become law without the Royal Assent of King George’s great-grandson—the newly minted King Charles III.

King Charles’ Anti-Catholic oath

King Charles did not hesitate to swear the anti-Catholic Coronation Oath, enforced by the actual British constitution, namely, never to allow a Catholic to be King or Queen—like if the American Constitution excluded by name Blacks or American Jews ever being President. Can you imagine how viciously that would have incited, justified, and condoned anti-Black racism and anti-Semitism?

Well,  the current King of England, in a ceremony where he was also described as King of Northern Ireland, swore before God and the entire world he would uphold “Protestant succession to The Throne.” This also means that he would comply with the rest of the British constitution, namely, if he were to convert to Catholicism, he would automatically forfeit The Throne and his subjects would be absolved from their allegiance. And, if his son Prince William, the next in line to be King, were to convert to the traditional faith of England, and become a Catholic, he, too, would forfeit The Throne … No freedom of religion for The Royal Family!

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Of course, forfeiting  The Throne would also mean giving up about seven palaces, 20 other residences, untold, ill-gotten wealth stolen from the Monarch’s Empire through slavery, genocide, pillage, and plunder. Just about one hundred years ago, England ruled a quarter of the world’s population, by racism, sectarianism, and international terrorism.

Being Governor of The Church of England no excuse

And, please, let no one try to use the old canard that such State-sponsored anti-Catholicism— King Charles’ Anti-Catholic Coronation Oath—  by claiming it’s that way because the Monarch is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and therefore has to be Protestant. That’s no excuse. It simply proves the wisdom of the framers of the First Amendment of the American Constitution —“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.. .” They knew from the example of England that an established church by definition is sectarian and discriminatory. And for the record, if there were a law that the President of Ireland had to be Catholic, I would oppose that just as much—because it would be sectarian, anti-Protestant, anti-Semitic, anti-Islam, etc., etc.

Shamefully, the  House of Lords saves 26 seats for its bishops (non-Catholic, of course), making it one of the few parliaments on earth where religion directly influences civil law … And yet England’s Big Lie is that it is Ireland that is dominated and controlled by the Catholic Church, where no Catholic priest or Bishop was ever in Parliament, North or South … Talk about deflection and projection! (By the way, Iran is the only other country where parliament saves places for unelected clerics).

King Charles should do the right thing

Morality, decency, and humanity demand that King Charles refuses to give his Royal Assent to the odious Legacy Bill and that he works to remove the appalling, bigoted, and disgraceful Anti-Catholic clauses in the Coronation Oath. He should not repeat the error of his great-grandfather King George V and remain on the wrong side of history.

It is time for Royal Reparation, Your Majesty.


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