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The update of the classic and unique Memoirs of Fr. Sean Mc Manus’ almost 50-year campaign for justice

in Northern Ireland/The North.

This is the current print of Fr. Mc Manus’ indispensable Memoirs.

It is larger in dimension (6×9), whereas the 2014 Second Edition was smaller in dimension (5×7.5). It adds an extra 125 (larger) pages and 41 additional photos. Yet, it is still the same price as previously: only $30 plus $4 for postage & handling.


This is a “Must-Read.” A story not to be missed. No one else could possibly tell this story—on how Northern Ireland was made an American issue—because no one else has ever done the work Fr. Mc Manus has done for so long with the US Congress. And he did it in the face of powerful opposition, never quitting and never losing hope— truly speaking truth to power and prevailing against all odds …

“Thus, [Fr.] McManus became Britain’s nemesis in America, the driving force that would eventually erode Britain’s influence within the U.S. government.” (American Professor, Joseph E. Thompson, American Policy and Northern Ireland: A Saga of PeaceBuilding. Praeger. Westport. CT. 2001. Page 52.)

“Fr. Sean McManus is the man who put Northern Ireland on the map in America. As head of Washington-based lobby group the Irish National Caucus, which he founded in 1974, he continues to fight the fight over sectarianism and justice—British governments have been and gone, Fr. Sean is still here. He famously championed the MacBride Principles which called on US companies investing in Northern Ireland to operate a fair employment practice. It made him a hate figure for Unionists and a constant prick in the side of the British.”—Richard Sullivan. Sunday World. Belfast. January 4, 2018.

Famed Dublin journalist and broadcaster Vincent Browne said:“[Fr. McManus] stood out against powerful forces in a fight for justice and fairness. I didn’t always agree with the causes he supported, but I admired his persistence, his courage, his relentlessness.

And admiration that one person, almost alone, could make such impact on public policy in the United States.” (2011). 


Fr. Mc Manus tells the real story of how the London government—with the help of the Dublin government (in the early years) and Big Name Irish-American politicians— covered-up British human rights violations, State terrorism, collusion, murder, and systematic anti-Catholic discrimination in Northern Ireland…and how he had to turn to Jewish-American, Italian-American, African-American, Hispanic- American, and other, Members of Congress who were either non-Irish or non-Catholic.

The book reveals more information on how some Irish-Americans were used as agents or “useful idiots” by both the London and Dublin governments—the sad old story of Irish history. No one is better placed to reveal it than Fr. McManus.

This is a story of grace, faith, and courage; of devotion and determination, persistence and perseverance with a forgiving heart, and without bitterness or rancor. No authentic Irish-American home should be without this compelling, honest, authoritative, and very readable book. God bless America, and God save Ireland.

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