Toward Justice — Damien Walsh Lecture

Posted By: July 22, 2021

Father Sean Mc Manus, President, Irish National Caucus • Belfast, 2 August 2005   When I first went to America on October 2, 1972, it was my hope that I would be able to help inform Americans about the problem in Northern Ireland. Little did I realize that living in America would actually help me […]

Fr. McManus’ letter in Irish News, Belfast, May 2, 2018

Posted By: July 21, 2021

Since 1920, whenever it appeared that Catholics in Northern Ireland might be making a little progress – or being seen as getting uppity – right-wing fundamentalists were magically produced to preach odious anti-Catholic bigotry. It, of course, had nothing to do with true religion but, rather, all about “keeping Catholics in their place” – maintaining the […]

 Citizens’ assembly needed on Ireland’s future

Posted By: July 21, 2021

  John Manley. Irish News. Belfast. Wednesday, July 2, 2021.   Colum Eastwood believes the Dublin government should establish a citizens’ assembly to discuss Ireland’s constitutional future.   The SDLP leader, right, told The Irish News that the initiative, which has so far met with resistance from Taoiseach Micheál Martin, should happen in the current […]

Troubles amnesty would not be acceptable in any modern democracy, MLAs told

Posted By: July 20, 2021

David Young, Jonathan McCambridge and Rebecca Black, PA. Irish News. Belfast.  July 29, 2021   A proposed ban on Troubles prosecutions would not be acceptable in any other modern democracy in the world, the Stormont Assembly has been told.   MLAs returned from summer recess today for an emergency sitting to debate the British Government’s […]

Irish Congressional Briefing on the Kincora-Richard Kerr Case

Posted By: July 19, 2021

    Introduction by Fr. Sean Mc Manus July 19, 2021 The Irish National Caucus has had this Congressional Briefing Paper (which begins with # 1) prepared by an expert legal source in Ireland who is deeply knowledgeable about the Kincora-Richard Kerr issue and is not involved in legal representation of Richard Kerr. The role […]

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