Fortress Ireland approach needed to prevent future pandemics

Posted By: February 27, 2021

  New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took a tough approach to the pandemic and life in the country has largely returned to normal. Picture: Mark Mitchell/New Zealand Herald via AP       Patrick Murphy. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday,  February 27, 2021.   Diseases are inevitable, pandemics are preventable. That’s the lesson that governments in Belfast […]

Once again, Unionists are selling their gullible supporters a false prospectus

Posted By: February 27, 2021

  “Let’s get this consent stuff cleared up. Consent in the Good Friday Agreement… refers only to consent to constitutional change, not to change of any kind, and certainly not to change in tax, customs, and excise provisions which is all that’s at issue here. Furthermore, we’re dealing with an international treaty between the EU […]

DUP “legitimizing paramilitaries”

Posted By: February 27, 2021

  Allison Morris. Irish News. Belfast. Friday, February 26, 2021.   THE DUP’S decision to meet the Loyalist Communities Council to discuss tensions around the Northern Ireland Protocol was met with criticism and claims it was legitimizing loyalist paramilitaries.   The body, which was set up in 2015, represents outlawed terror groups including the UVF, […]


Posted By: February 26, 2021

  VIDEO LINK: SCRIPT: TWENTY FIRST VIDEO Do you care about England’s partition of Ireland? By Fr. Sean McManus.               Friday, February 26, 2021   Do YOU care about England’s partition of Ireland done one hundred years ago this year? Does England’s partition of Ireland offend your sense of justice, your sense of democracy, and […]

 Burning of Roslea, 1921

Posted By: February 24, 2021

Fermanagh Village Sacked On This Day [in Irish historyThe Irish News, February 23, 1921Eamon Phoenix. Irish News. Belfast. Tuesday, February 23, 2021Our Newbliss [Co Monaghan] correspondent writes: Following the shooting of George Lester, a Unionist merchant of Rosslea, County Fermanagh who was fired at and wounded on Monday morning by three disguised men, wild scenes were enacted that night when the inhabitants were […]

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