Boris Johnson’s behavior on Brexit protocol is absolutely no surprise

Posted By: September 10, 2020

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus Brian Feeney. Irish News. Belfast. Wednesday, 9 September, 2020 .The only surprise about the British government’s unilateral plans to legislate for its own version of the procedures for operating the Irish Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement is that anyone is surprised.This behavior is the modus operandi of Conservative governments since 2010. […]


Posted By: September 10, 2020

England’s ridiculous border in Ireland is not ‘just a line on the map’

Posted By: September 02, 2020

  Letters to the Editor. Irish News. Belfast. Published. Wednesday, September 2, 2020Fr. Sean McManus, President Irish National Caucus, Washington DCRegarding proposals on how best to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the state of the six counties of Northern Ireland, the initiative of the Irish National Caucus has already been endorsed by thousands of Irish-Americans, Irish in Ireland, […]

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