How the Truth of ‘The Troubles’ Is Still Suppressed

Posted By: June 16, 2019

  Alex Gibney. The New York Review of Books. February 22, 2019 On August 31, 2018, I was in the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, waiting for my flight to New York, when I received this text on WhatsApp: “Trevor and Barry had their doors kicked in this morning in dawn raids and are presently in […]

Nationalists are not so sure about the policing system they initially embraced

Posted By: June 16, 2019

Patrick Murphy. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, June 15, 2019 Why should a police officer’s religion matter? The question arises from the outgoing chief constable’s criticism of Nationalist politicians for not encouraging more Catholics to join the PSNI. George Hamilton’s aim is presumably to achieve 50-50 recruitment from Protestants and Catholics. That might mean giving some […]

Amnesty backs Northern Ireland chief’s claim RUC helped Loughinisland massacre killers escape justice

Posted By: June 13, 2019

 Jonathan Bell.  Belfast Telegraph.Tuesday, June 11, 2019 Amnesty UK has thrown its full support behind Northern Ireland program director Patrick Corrigan over his comments claiming police helped those involved in the Loughinisland massacre “evade justice”. The Northern Ireland Retired Police Officers Association (NIRPOA) – which represents more than 3,500 retired officers – called on Amnesty International to retract the “highly […]

Michael Gove happy to sing The Sash, book reveals

Posted By: June 11, 2019

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus “Imagine if a presidential candidate loved to sing anti-Black or anti-Semitic songs? Wouldn’t that rightly cause deep and outright revulsion? Well, turns out, one of the leading “pretenders to the throne” —that is, in the upcoming race to be British PM—loves to belt out anti-Catholic and […]

The Ballymurphy Precedent: film premieres in Washington

Posted By: June 11, 2019


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