Attempt to “protect Foster” as RHI forced to wind down

Posted By: June 30, 2018

Connla Young. Irish News. Belfast.Friday, June 29, 2018THE RHI inquiry has been told there was an attempt to protect Arlene Foster as the failed scheme was being closed down.The claim was made yesterday as senior civil servant Chris Stewart was giving evidence.He was asked why references to the Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister were taken out […]

Dear Arlene: Don’t be offensive – go on the offensive

Posted By: June 30, 2018

Patrick  Murphy.  Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, June 30, 2018 Dear Arlene,It is probably fair to say that in recent months you have had the worst media profile since Genghis Khan. Indeed, criticizing your politics, attitude, and behavior is almost a nationalist tradition by now.You will be glad to know (or maybe you do not care) that this column intends to avoid that tradition, […]

“Gestures” won’t make a real political difference

Posted By: June 29, 2018

Alex Kane.  Irish News. Belfast. Friday, June 29, 2018Arlene Foster attending the Ulster GAA final was never going to make a button of difference to how we do politics in Northern Ireland. And that’s because it didn’t herald a shift in the DUP’s thinking on same-sex marriage, abortion, Irish language or when and how a petition-of-concern could be deployed if the Assembly is […]

Conscience pointless if it is not acted upon

Posted By: June 29, 2018

Martin O’Brien. Irish News. Belfast. Friday, June 29, 2018 We live in startling and disturbing times.Who would have thought that we’d reach the sorry pass where the DUP is the only political party in Northern Ireland that unapologetically proclaims itself to be pro-life?Sinn Féin, displaying a penchant for totalitarianism that must trouble many of its (soon to be former?) voters, is denying […]

Court rejects bid to force the UK into policy on Ireland border referendum

Posted By: June 29, 2018

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus Victims campaigner to appeal the judgmentVictims campaigner Raymond McCord, Sr.Alan Erwin. Belfast Telegraph.Thursday, June 28, 2018A victims campaigner has lost his legal battle to have the British Government compelled to put in place a policy for holding a border poll in Northern Ireland.Lawyers for Raymond McCord […]

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