“Why does the Wild Atlantic Way end at Muff, not Derry?”

Posted By: August 13, 2017

Derry Journal. Friday, August 11,  2017 A local man has questioned why the Wild Atlantic Way tourist trail ends abruptly at Muff and does not continue on to Derry. Michael Canavan, a veteran of the Civil Rights movement locally, said that the original route included Derry as one of its main destinations. The Wild Atlantic Way […]

Provisionals and dissidents, in their own words

Posted By: August 12, 2017

Provisionals and dissidents, in their own words A US academic has spent more than 30 years recording an oral history of the IRA : Out of The Ashes – An Oral History of the Provisional Irish Republican Movement by Robert W White is published by Merrion Press Robert W. White. Irish Times. Dublin. Friday, Jun […]

Make-up of new Dáil critical to Stormont

Posted By: August 12, 2017

Patrick Murphy. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, August 12, 2017 For the first time in a long time, the future of Stormont depends not just on events in Belfast, but on political developments in Dublin and London.Like two squabbling children, Sinn Féin and the DUP have run to a big brother to seek emotional support and a bit of muscle for their respective arguments.The […]

DUP on the horns of an electoral dilemma

Posted By: August 11, 2017

Alex Kane. Irish News. Belfast. Friday, August 11, 2017 When the Democratic Unionist Party [DUP]was founded in September 1971 (‘right wing in the sense of being strong on the Constitution, but to the left on social policies’) it was clearly a party of protest against the ‘big house Unionism’ of the Ulster Unionist Party [UUP].For Ian Paisley, it was also a party […]

“Unique solution needed for north”

Posted By: August 11, 2017

Varadkar: UK could rejoin free trade associationJohn Manley. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, August 5, 2017Leo Varadkar has again voiced his hope that the UK will remain in the EU but has insisted that in the event of a hard Brexit Northern Ireland will require a “unique solution.”The Taoiseach also dispelled the claim that the Dublin government advocated […]

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