Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny steps down as Fine Gael leader

Posted By: May 18, 2017

He will continue as taoiseach (prime minister) until the Dáil (parliament) chooses a successor.BBC NI. Thursday, May 18, 2017Mr Kenny, who was elected taoiseach in 2011, tendered his resignation in March, but has been acting prime minister since then.He told a parliamentary party meeting on Wednesday that a successor would be appointed by 2 June.The 66-year-old […]

The Auxiliaries: Churchill’s vengeful anti-IRA strike force

Posted By: May 15, 2017

Diarmaid Ferriter reviews ‘Havoc: The Auxiliaries in Ireland’s War of Independence’ Bloodlust and revenge: Members of Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary   Diarmaid Ferriter.Irish Times. Dublin. Saturday, May 13, 2017 Diarmaid Ferriter, an Irish Times columnist, is professor of modern Irish history at University College Dublin and author of A Nation and Not […]

Real issues ignored as election gets underway

Posted By: May 13, 2017

Patrick Murphy. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, May 13, 2017 The risk of an outbreak of normal politics here in the general election campaign has now thankfully passed.There were fears that local politicians might use the election to debate Brexit on a non-sectarian basis, but the usual blanket of sectarian fog has now settled on the campaign.The SDLP’s attempt to form a broad […]

EU “must have customs controls”

Posted By: May 13, 2017

Michael McHugh. Irish News.Belfast. Friday, May 12, 2017THE European Union must have customs controls to protect its borders, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has warned a joint sitting of the Dáil and Seanad.But Michel Barnier said the EU will work with the Republic to avoid a hard border with The Nihuorth following Brexit.He told politicians during a visit to Dublin yesterday […]

Election numbers bringing little cheer for UUP and SDLP

Posted By: May 12, 2017

Alex Kane. Irish News. Belfast. Friday, May 12, 2017 The mathematics is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for both the UUP and SDLP.In the 2016 Assembly election, the UUP took 12.6 percent and were lucky to hold 16 seats (at one point it seemed they would end up with 14). The SDLP took 12 percent and went down two seats, […]

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