Political unionism has no desire to enter genuine partnership

Posted By: February 10, 2017

“The following letter in the Irish News of Belfast by prominent attorney, Pat Fahy, pretty much reflects the current attitude of  Nationalists and Republicans (Catholics) in Northern Ireland.Some Unionists (Protestants) seem incapable of accepting Catholics as equal— one of the fundamental and enduring problems in Northern Ireland.This culture of contempt and disrespect is always intensified […]

British government leading us to hard border warns Sinn Féin MP

Posted By: February 10, 2017

IRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING Distributed by Irish National Caucus COMMITTEE: Sinn Feinâ??s Pat Doherty told an Oireachtas committee  yesterday there is no such thing as a soft borderBrian Hutton. Irish News. Belfast. Friday, February 10, 2017Britain will impose a hard border on the island of Ireland as it leaves the European Union regardless of its impact, a […]

Arlene blunders into another fine mess

Posted By: February 09, 2017

CONFRONTATIONAL: The DUP leader’s strong language over the  The Irish language has talked her into a cornerNewton Emerson. Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, February 9, 2017Arlene Foster’s defiant stance against an Irish language act has boxed her needlessly into the corner. There is so much scope on this issue for a tactical retreat that any competent politician should be able to spin […]

Loyalist Kyle hits out at Foster

Posted By: February 09, 2017

John Monaghan. Irish News. Belfast. Thursday, February 9, 2017 A PROMINENT loyalist has hit out at Arlene Foster’s “reptilian name calling” regarding the prospect of an Irish language act.Belfast councilor Dr. John Kyle, the deputy leader of the PUP, said that the comments by the former first minister dismissing an Irish language act and comparing Sinn Féin to crocodiles were unwelcome.On […]

Abuse of Irish language regrettable: new Presbyterian moderator

Posted By: February 09, 2017

News Letter. Belfast. Thursday, February 9, 2017The new leader of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland – whose members played a crucial role in saving the Irish language when it was in danger of becoming extinct in the 18th century – has expressed concerns it has been abused “for political purposes.”Speaking following his election as moderator-designate, Rev Noble McNeely said it was […]

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