The United Kingdom that is united in name only

Posted By: November 30, 2016

“ Overall, North England, Wales, and Northern Ireland’s per capita GDP levels are lower than Mississippi and West Virginia’s.” Gordon Brown. Irish Examiner. Wednesday, November 30, 2016Gordon Brown, former British prime minister and chancellor of the exchequer, is the United Nations special envoy for global education.   Whatever ties bind the UK together are being severely strained with different regions and industries trying […]

Feeney: Police 20 years late with UVF warning

Posted By: November 30, 2016

Gang led by informer tried to kill Irish News columnistAllison Morris. Irish News (Belfast). Wednesday, November 30, 2016IRISH News columnist Brian Feeney has revealed that police only told him he had been under threat from an informer led UVF gang more than 20 years after loyalists tried to kill him.UVF supergrass Gary Haggarty, pictured, admitted during extensive debriefs that the paramilitary group was […]

How do you partner the unpartnerable?

Posted By: November 29, 2016

Fionnuala O’ Connor. Irish News (Belfast). Tuesday, November 29, 2016The very word reconciliation seems a curse on itself now, part of a formula blunt with over-use in conferences more or less academic. Or as used by someone whose name was first made as an IRA leader or an IRA apologist.Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams, even when mainly trying to talk about […]

Churchill had “longing” for united Ireland

Posted By: November 29, 2016

Churchill had “longing” for united Ireland Paul Ainsworth. Irish News (Belfast). Tuesday, November 29, 2016     In letters: Churchill is said to have had a personal desire for Irish reunification Winston Churchill had a “longing” to see a united Ireland, according to newly-released documents. Claims that the wartime British prime minister wished to see […]

Fr. Mc Manus on Pope’s Possible Visit to Northern Ireland

Posted By: November 29, 2016

Letter to News Letter, Belfast, Tuesday, November 29, 2016 Dear Editor,Regarding Pope Francis’ possible visit to Northern Ireland, the News Letter reports    Presbyterian minister Rev. Ian Brown of the Martyrs’ Memorial Church as stating because the Pope is “no closer to proclaiming the one true biblical Gospel – that salvation is by faith alone through Christ alone’ than the Catholic church of Martin Luther’s […]

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