The post-EU future of smart, cheap labour

Posted By: June 30, 2016

“Also in the Assembly on Monday, Foster welcomed freedom from the EU’s state aid rules, which have constrained Stormont’s ability to subsidise firms. This strays towards the anti-competitive, protectionist “Leave” argument, creating a final point of utter confusion. What economic philosophy are we following now? Does our first minister even know?” Newton  Emerson. Irish News (Belfast).Thursday , June 30, 2016Arlene Foster spent most of her executive career as […]

O’Neill cut Paris trip short after murder to outlaw UVF

Posted By: June 30, 2016

“Mr Garland believes that the emergence of Ian Paisley in the 1960s helped create the atmosphere for the UVF to be founded.“According to Gusty he was not involved in the formation of the UVF. He set the scene and created the conditions,” he said.  Mr Garland has also suggested in the past that British intelligence may also have been involved in establishing […]

Twaddell: Ardoyne residents group and Orange Order deal collapses

Posted By: June 29, 2016

“Why — for goodness sake— do middle-aged Protestants insist on marching through poor Catholic areas? Whence this compulsion? Why is it so important to them?” If Sinn Fein and Catholic groups insisted in marching through Protestant areas, the Irish National Caucus would be the first to condemn it. — Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President, Irish […]

‘I’ll never forgive Spence for my brother’s murder’ Connla Young. Irish News (Belfast). Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Posted By: June 29, 2016

The first killings that sparked The Troubles , June 26, 1966 Peter Ward among first killings of Troubles 50 years agoFormer UVF leader Gusty Spence was convicted along with two other men of shooting dead Catholic teenager Peter Ward in June 1966THE sister of a Catholic man shot dead by a UVF murder gang 50 years […]

Death could have been avoided if RUC had warned about deadly gang, campaigners say

Posted By: June 29, 2016

“If John Scullion is the first collusion case [1966] in terms of the conflict, the pattern carries through… to the Loughinisland report,” he said.“How many lives were lost with the RUC colluding with the murder gangs of the UVF.”Connla Young. Irish News (Belfast). Wednesday, June 29, 2016West Belfast man John Scullion was shot by the UVF in May 1966 […]

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