Ruthless opposition is the very best kind

Posted By: May 28, 2016

Patrick Murphy. Irish News (Belfast). Saturday, May 28,2016Dear SDLP,So you have finally done it. Following years of advice from this column to go into opposition, you have taken the plunge. Congratulations on your bravery and boldness.No, we are not claiming credit for your decision. That must go to the electorate, who recognised that you were wasting time as wallpaper in the executive […]

Loyalist terror force formed from fear over a ‘1916 in 1966.

Posted By: May 27, 2016

“Historian and Irish News columnist Brian Feeney said it [ the UVF]was responsible for introducing the gun into Irish politics twice during the last century.“They brought the gun into politics in ‘66 and brought explosives into Northern Ireland,” he said.“They also brought the gun into politics in 1913 when they formed, and started to import weapons.”   Connla Young. […]

Calls for fresh investigation into death of first victim of Trouble

Posted By: May 27, 2016

Connla Young. Irish News (Belfast). Friday, May 27, 2016     THERE have been calls for a fresh investigation into the death of the first victim of the Troubles who was shot by the UVF 50 years ago today. The murder of Catholic man John Scullion marked the beginning of a vicious sectarian killing campaign […]

Sinn Fein again outmanoeuvred by Foster’s dominant DUP

Posted By: May 27, 2016

Sam McBride. News Letter (Belfast). Thursday, May 26, 2016 There was a political maturity to the formation of this Executive which suggested that this Stormont term might just be different. Coming out of an election where the DUP held its 38 seats but where Sinn Fein lost a seat due to an alarming drop in […]

Alliance reveals rejection details

Posted By: May 26, 2016

Brendan Hughes. Irish News. (Belfast). Thursday, May 26, 2016THE Alliance Party yesterday released full details of its rejected demands to accept the role of justice minister.Alliance proposed to the DUP and Sinn Féin five conditions on which it would re-enter the executive and again take charge the justice department.Party leader and former justice minister David Ford said: “The Alliance Party […]

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