Whatever about Sinn Féin, there are questions for the DUP

Posted By: September 04, 2015

Eamonn McCann. Irish Times. Thursday, September 3, 2015, 21:14 The North’s First Minister, Peter Robinson, met David Cameron on Tuesday to convey his party’s concern about suggestions that the Provisional IRA has not gone away nor relinquished its association with Sinn Féin and that, in view of the murder last month of Kevin McGuigan, allegedly […]

After the posturing, all eyes are on unionists

Posted By: September 04, 2015

Allison Morris. Irish News( Belfast). Wednesday, September 3, 2015Peter Robinson said this week Stormont cannot return to “business as usual” after the latest political crisis and UUP walkout, which might have served as a dire warning were it not for the small matter that prior to the summer recess the assembly wasn’t functioning anyway.The fact the DUP leader […]

Unionists see no devils in their own backyardss

Posted By: September 01, 2015

FIONNUALA O CONNOR. Irish News ( Belfast). Tuesday, September 1, 2015 Trust, says Mike Nesbitt, that’s the thing, and he has none in Sinn Féin. Fair enough, watching them duck and dive and contradict each other. How long ago it seems that Sinn Féin tactics were worked through by committee, or so it was said, […]

You tried and failed, Peter – it’s time to go

Posted By: August 29, 2015

Alex Kane. Irish News(Belfast).Friday, August 228, 2015Peter Robinson, First Minister. In early December 2003, just after the assembly election that saw the DUP nudge ahead of the UUP, I wrote a piece setting out the arguments for David Trimble’s immediate resignation as UUP leader.It hadn’t been a disastrous election for the party (27 MLAs to the DUP’s […]

Real peace never part of the plan in unionism

Posted By: August 27, 2015

“The most lasting problem, from the start, has not been IRA guns under the table, nor an IRA structure that became a freeze-dried husk…  The problem that has hobbled progress most is, and has been, the state of Unionism.…His [Nesbitt] is not a leadership that inspires hope of genuine power-sharing… In the same move, he has thrown the […]

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