Failure of Haass talks reverberates across the globe

Posted By: January 03, 2014

Frustration in Washington, London and Dublin over Haass talks debacle Richard Haass and Meghan O’Sullivan at 5.30 yesterday morning after the talks ended without any resolution  NOEL MCADAM . Belfast Telegraph. Wednesdaym  JANUARY 1, 2014 Frustration at Northern Ireland’s political parties in the aftermath of the failed Haass talks went global last night as the White House urged MLAs […]

Missed opportunity of signing pact leaves DUP with questions to answer

Posted By: January 02, 2014

Dr Haass’s paper contains impressive, progressive but modest proposals  Gerry Moriarty. Irish Times. Thursday, Jan 2, 2014  It’s worth reading the final Richard Haass document on dealing with the past, parades and flags in full. Its 39 pages, which can be viewed here, are clear, concise and well-written. When readers come to the end, the […]


Posted By: January 01, 2014

PARTIES SHOULD PUBLISH THEIR HAASS PROPOSALS Allison Morris. Irish News ( Belfast). Wednesday, January 1, 2014 On and on and on the Haass talks went, journalists lumbered with reporting on the worst gig since the birth of the royal baby in live broadcasts from the Stormont Hotel, trying to sound interested while a whole lot […]

If the DUP … were not so bigoted they could influence [ change] before they become a minority.”

Posted By: January 01, 2014

DUP CAN STALL CHANGE BUT THEY CAN’T STOP IT BRIAN FEENEY. Irish News ( Belfast). Wednesday, January 1, 2014 The failure of the Haass talks exposes a problem in the body politic here deeper and more serious than merely the customary failure of the parties to agree on anything. Annoyingly the news media, led by BBC NI, have […]

‘Haassled’ diplomat joins long list of those who’ve failed to get NI parties to agree

Posted By: January 01, 2014

Analysis: Despite his best efforts, US negotiator just couldn’t get deal over the line Gerry Moriarty. Irish Times. Tuesday,  Dec 31, 2013     Throughout yesterday and deep into this morning, Richard Haass worked hard to drag the parties over the line on a pared-down version of an agreement on parades, the past and flags. Or, as one talks source […]

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