Letter to Sinn Fein

Posted By: October 12, 2013

The  Belfast writer offers suggestions to Sinn Fein SINN FEIN TRYING TO BE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE Patrick Murphy. Irish News ( Belfast). Saturday. October 12, 2013 Dear Sinn Fein, Have you just had a bad few weeks or is it time for a fundamental rethink of your position in Irish politics? In the north […]

Is the Orange Order Really Protestant?

Posted By: October 11, 2013

The Orange Order sees itself as a truly Protestant organization. William Scholes — who writes about religious matters for the Belfast Irish News —  questions whether the Orange Order really applies Reformation principles to itself. Orange Order needs to do the Protestant thing. William Scholes. Irish News ( Belfast). Friday. October 11, 2013 IF you […]

“Piece by piece, and bit by bit, Unionists are working to dismantle the Agreement.”

Posted By: October 09, 2013

The Belfast commentator gives a short history of Unionist violence. UNIONIST THREAT TO USE VIOLENCE NOTHING NEW Brian Feeney. Irish News ( Belfast). Wednesday,October 9, 2013. Sinn Fein spokesmen have been queuing up to express disappointment at what they complain is a lack of unionist leadership. Where have they been? Perhaps they have read no history but most […]


Posted By: October 07, 2013

Echo News Telegram reveals British fury over McManus invite By Ray O’Hanlon State Department, first at department level and subsequently with a high ranking official at State Henderson wrote that he had made it clear that the British embassy and government were “seriously concerned” that McManus, “a self-confessed supporter” of the PIRA (Provisional IRA) should […]

Telegram reveals British fury over McManus invite

Posted By: October 07, 2013

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