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Rich Trumka, Jr. gives his remarks and presents Fr. McManus with an AFL-CIO Peace Button that belonged to his father, the late, beloved President Richard L. Trumka AFL-CIO. The button is shown below and is seen on Fr. McManus’ lapel in the photos above.


The World Peace Prize for Solidarity was meant to be given to the late, great, and beloved President Richard L. Trumka, AFL-CIO,

but he was called into God’s eternal life … So, the Prize was posthumously presented to the Trumka Family—to Mrs. Barbara Trumka and their son, Rich Jr.—on January 5, 2023.

Then in honor of The Great Man, the Prize was re-named the Richard L. Trumka World Peace Prize for Solidarity.

The first Laureate of the re-named Prize was General President Frank Christensen, International Union of Elevator Construction (IUEC) also on January 5, 2023.

And on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, the second Presentation Ceremony of the Prize was made—to leaders of two great International Unions: Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Powell, American Postal Workers Union (APWU), and National President, Dr. Everett Kelley, American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE).

Barbara Flaherty as the Chairperson of the World Peace Prize Presentation Ceremony chaired the event. Fr. Sean Mc Manus,

gave the opening address explaining the history and significance of the World Peace Prize.

Fr. Sean McManus—Chief Judge of the World Peace Prize and President of the Capitol Hill Based Irish National Caucus—said:

“Both Laureates inherently deserved this Prize for their ability, leadership, and long record of solidarity. But also because each of them is a trailblazer in American Organized Labor: Ms. Powell is the first black woman to reach that high position in the APWU and Dr. Kelly is the first black man to be the National President of AFGE… and that took real ability, fortitude, grit, and solidarity. We were deeply honored to honor them. And doubly honored to do so in the presence of President Trumka’s truly impressive son, Rich. Jr.

As I said in my speech at the event: Rich Jr.’s presence shows that just like his father, he appreciates the connection we have made

between the World Peace Prize and American Organized Labor.

I know that President Trumka was smiling down on our event.”


Rich, Jr. said: “Thank you, Father McManus, and thank you, Barbara Flaherty. I was so pleased when you attached my father’s name to the award that you’re bestowing today … So, I’m proud that his name is forever connected to the recognition that peace is Union business … The button that I’m wearing, I found in my dad’s desk drawer recently. It’s got the dove of peace carrying its olive branch, and it says, “Peace is Union Business.” I wish I knew its origins, but I know that the message is spot on.

And Father McManus, as you spread the message connecting labor and peace, I’d like you to have it.”