Posted By: April 16, 2023

The Truth and Justice Movement would like to thank Queens University, Belfast for including and screening our cross-community group’s victims film, The Victims Stories,  on Tuesday, April 18  at 6 30 pm as part of the 3-day “Agreement 25” Conference commemorations of the GFA in Queen’s University.


Eight victims tell the heartbreaking stories of the murders of their family members by loyalist and republican paramilitaries and the British army. The film has previously been shown in the British, Irish, and EU Parliament buildings. Students, politicians,  and members of the public will sit together to watch a unique film that shows the pain of the deaths and cover-ups with no justice,  and how badly victims and their families have been treated by the state’s authorities. Instead of the government wanting to prosecute the murderers they prefer to punish the victims, and hand out amnesties to the murderers to “help us move on”. This film is not about orange and green politics, it’s about truth and justice— and about exposing the denial of truth and justice.


The murderers and the state must be held accountable irrespective of the Legacy Bill or the wildly praised “peace process”. Rapists, child murderers, sectarian murders, mass murders, and paid state agents carrying out murders are all part of this film. Every victim has had at least one family member murdered. The GFA is twenty-five years old yet some of our group has been fighting for over fifty years for truth and justice and none of us can’t or won’t rest until we get the justice our families deserve despite the British government’s fear of the truth and justice.


Anyone who has booked a ticket will need to bring identification, a driving license, etc.   Security is very tight. All tickets are gone. Sold out.