Posted By: January 28, 2023

Fr. McManus, Raymond McCord and Congressman Richie Neal. 2009.


Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus

Statement by Raymond McCord on behalf of the Truth and Justice Movement—Belfast.

 ” The greatest fear of the British government is TRUTH.” 

(Released by Irish National Caucus, Sunday, January 29, 2023, at 6 PM EST.).

The Truth and Justice Movement’s campaign has no sectarian or political agenda.

Our campaign against the British government’s shameful Legacy/Amnesty Bill proposals next takes us to Europe, and into the EU Parliament building in Brussels for a screening of our cross-community victims’ film, “The Victims Stories,” to MEPs on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

A day of exposing the truth.

We are delighted that the Irish Ambassador to Belgium has graciously accepted our invitation to attend the screening of our film. This is the third Parliament to show the film following Dublin and London.

The British government has failed to get any other political party or victims to support this justice-denying Bill—a Bill that has the Conservatives focusing on the murderers being given an amnesty for the murders of thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and not having to spend one day in prison, with no justice for victims.

This is a government that:

  • finds it impossible to explain how their claims that the Bill will help victims when all victims have rejected it.
  • is determined to hide the truth of the state’s knowledge /involvement in the murders by the paramilitaries, state agents, and the state’s security forces with the continuing cover-up of the truth of thousands of murders.
  •  is afraid of the courts with its Bill of shame, rejected in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, and by Human rights organizations.

No investigations, no prosecutions, no inquests, no civil actions, along with amnesties for the murderers —this is the Conservatives’ definition of truth and justice!

We, however, believe that the British government, their state agents, and members of the state’s security forces have committed war crimes in the murders of thousands of innocent civilians and should be prosecuted. Truth and Justice are urgently needed, not an inhumane Bill of lies, deceit, and cover-up.

We thank the EU and Frances Fitzgerald MEP for their support in the screening of our film— Eight Cross-Community Victims telling their stories of the murders of their family members.

The British Conservative government falsely claims this Bill is the way forward for the victims, and that all the victims, political parties, Human rights organizations, Church leaders, and human rights- laws are wrong. The truth is never wrong; the British government is wrong, and they know it with their justice-denying Bill.

 The greatest fear of the British government is TRUTH.