Posted By: October 31, 2022


By Raymond McCord, Sr.
“The Victims Stories” to be shown in Westminster Parliament Buildings.
“On Tuesday, November 1, 2022, a unique, heartbreaking cross-community victims film will be shown in a room in Westminster Parliament Buildings.
Eight cross-community victims tell the stories of the murders of their family members by both loyalist and republican paramilitaries and the state’s security forces.
Everyone in the United Kingdom is supposed to be equal and afforded equal human rights. However, if the British government’s Legacy/amnesty Bill is passed these eight victims, along with thousands of other British and Irish citizens, will lose these rights. Their equality is removed. The rights of proper police investigations, prosecutions, inquests, and civil actions of those murdered by both loyalist and republican paramilitaries,
and the British state’s security forces will be removed permanently by a government that intends to legally ban truth and justice for victims of “The Troubles’’ in Northern Ireland and England with its Legacy/amnesty Bill. It certainly won’t help victims move on, it won’t get them the truth, it won’t ease their pain and it won’t give them the legal opportunity of justice.
However, it will show the Conservative Party is not the party of law and order they claim to be. It will show that the Conservatives Legacy Bill is one of the biggest abuses of human rights and the justice system in the history of the United Kingdom. Democracy along with Truth and Justice will no longer be part of the British way of life and replaced by coverups and denial of justice.
Our film “The Victims Stories”— made by Mobile Media jointly with our group, “The Truth and Justice Movement”— shows why this must not happen. Imagine a government bringing in a law that doesn’t punish the murderers but the victims! Imagine a government that bans investigations into thousands of murders! Imagine a government that rewards murderers! Imagine a government that doesn’t believe in truth and justice and prohibits it! Imagine a government covering up the murders of thousands of innocent people! That government is the Conservative government of the United Kingdom.
Our biggest supporter in America is a Catholic Irish priest from the parish of Kinawley, County Fermanagh, Father Sean McManus of the Irish National Caucus (INC)—along with Barbara Flaherty also from the INC.
 Father Sean has pushed for justice for victims of the “Troubles” irrespective of religion. As a member of the Unionist community, I have to commend Father Sean and the INC for their work. We, the victims, appreciate their great support in briefing Congress and America on how the British government is trying to cover up its involvement … in murders with its shameful Legacy/amnesty Bill.”