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Fr. Sean McManus Irish National Caucus Expert

Father Sean McManus, Northern Ireland Troubles Expert

The leading expert in America on The Troubles in Northern Ireland is Father Sean McManus (78), President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus, and Chief Judge of the World Peace Prize.

Brexit and the British government betrayal of the Good Friday Agreement have put Northern Ireland back in the news. Nobody in America knows more about Northern Ireland’s Troubles than Fr. Sean McManus, originally a native of Northern Ireland, who for 50 years has raised the issue in the U.S. Congress—as explained in his memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland.

Why is Northern Ireland back in the news?

  • the Brexit mess caused by Boris Johnson
  • the increasing momentum for Scotland’s independence
  • the refusal of the Unionist/Protestant political parties to accept Catholics as equals
  • the fact that the huge artificial Protestant majority undemocratically created by the British Parliament when it enacted the “Partition Act’, December 23, 1920, no longer exists
  • England’s refusal to honor treaties, including the Northern Ireland Protocol and,
  • England’s plans to give amnesty to British soldiers for war crimes in Ireland. (Although amnesty would cover others beside British soldiers, everyone knows the amnesty is all protecting British soldiers and their political masters.)

A native of Northern Ireland, Fr. Mc Manus has an unequaled, almost 50-years-record of lobbying Congress for unity, justice, and peace on the entire island of Ireland, in solidarity and mutual respect.

As the late Congressman Ben Gilman (R-NY), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, stated: “Nobody has done more than Fr. Mc Manus to keep the U.S. Congress on track My America Struggle for Justice in Northern Irelandregarding justice in Ireland.”

Fr. McManus was “exiled” from England to America by Church and State on October 2, 1972, because he refused to be silent (and, therefore, complicit) about British government injustice and oppression of Catholics in Northern Ireland.

Learn how the British government set up a racist (anti-Irish) and sectarian (anti-Catholic) mini-State of Six Counties (out of Ireland’s 32 Counties) to preserve a foothold for England through Unionist/Protestant supremacy—and how the USA for far too long did nothing to help until Fr. McManus started raising consciousness in America.

Interview Father Sean McManus, Northern Ireland Troubles Expert, to discuss…

  • Why is Northern Ireland back in the news?
  • How is Brexit a threat to the Irish Peace Process and the Good Friday Agreement?
  • Why are the current British government plans for amnesty so offensive?
  • Why is Brexit not at all about Ireland, North or South, but all about the upsurge of English nationalism?
  • Why is Northern Ireland considered a residue of British imperialism?
  • What role has British historic anti-Catholicism played in The Troubles and the Partition of Ireland?
  • Is anti-Catholicism still a problem in Northern Ireland?
  • How does Fr. McManus’ work on Capitol Hill fit into his being a Catholic priest?

Fr. Sean McManus Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • Nobody in America has the experience of Fr. McManus on Northern Ireland.
  • Nobody in America has done the work Fr. McManus has done for 50 years with the U.S. Congress.
  • Nobody has written such a definitive book on how the U.S. Congress was finally persuaded to take a stand for justice and peace in Ireland.
  • Fr. Mc Manus is an excellent and strong speaker, and skilled debater, on the Irish issue—all delivered in a crystal clear and distinctly Irish accent, even after 50 years in America!
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