Posted By: May 06, 2022

Residue of British Empire and racist/sectarian construct of Northern Ireland are over
                            And, no, this is not triumphalism
CAPITOL HILL. Friday, May 6, 2022—”The result of the Northern Ireland election —— which is expected to make Sinn Fein the largest party and also qualifies Michelle O’Neill to be First Minister—spells out one thing above all: the residue of British Empire and racist/sectarian construct of Northern Ireland are over.
That is how Fr. Sean McManus reacted to the results of the Assembly election in Northern Ireland. And he immediately added: “And, no, this is not triumphalism.”
He explained: ”The dynamics of injustice and oppression all over the world are, at root, essentially all the same. The oppressed are told they must accept their lot and not resist. And, then, when they make progress and succeed they are told they must not be too pleased. So, consider this: If a constituency in America that was rigged/gerrymandered to permanently exclude Blacks from power eventually attains a democratic majority, are Blacks forbidden to welcome the coming of justice and equality? Are they not allowed to utter the hallowed words quoted by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.—“Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty we are free at last?”
Today, Blacks, thank God, would have the political confidence and self-esteem to utter those words in this example. Blacks know the last shackle of oppression is to try and blackmail people into NOT rejoicing in equality and freedom …So, YES, Nationalists/Republicans/Catholics are allowed to welcome this moment.
Now, as a Fermanagh man, I know full well this election does not yet mean full freedom for Ireland. But it is most surely a historic moment. That is why the Irish National Caucus internet “One Ireland Petition” is still as relevant as ever: ”Ireland, too, has the right to be One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  Please sign right away for Truth, Justice, Love, and Freedom—
‘Peace is the fruit of solidarity.’”