Posted By: November 05, 2021


“As we approach the 24th Anniversary of the brutal murder of Raymond Mc Cord, Jr. on November 9, 1997, we are honored to host this Zoom Meeting with his father, Raymond, Sr.

 No matter how often I hear Raymond, Sr. recount the story of his son’s murder, I am chilled to the bone all over again—by the cruelty of the murder by Protestant paramilitaries who were British Agents and police informers, by the depth and breadth of the British Government’s cover-up, and by the fact that young Raymond was from a Protestant/Unionist background who had previously worn the uniform of the Royal Airforce. Where is the British-Protestant loyalty to this young 22-year-old? 

Why is his cruel slaughter so assiduously still being covered up by the British Government? What does the British Government so desperately fear? … How high does this cover-up go? 

Young Raymond’s murder and cover-up offer a unique insight into England’s dark and sinister role in Northern Ireland in this

Centenary of England’s partition of Ireland, enacted by the London Parliament on December 23, 1920, with the assent of the King of England.”
—Fr. Sean Mc Manus

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