Miami Showband Massacre

Posted By: March 31, 2019


Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus

“My friend Stephen Travers wants Members of Congress to see the attached article about the Netflix film on the 1975 Miami Showband Massacre in Northern Ireland in which he and Des Lee were the only survivors.
The article by respected writer Tom McGurk says in part:’There is a growing evidential file that significant numbers of innocent Catholics were deliberately killed as part of a British-state organized counter-insurgency operation against the IRA. These claims, once dismissed as just Provo [IRA] propaganda, are now getting a wider audience.’
That really resonated with me as one born and reared in County Fermanagh (one of the Six Counties in Northern Ireland). Since I came to the US in 1972, I have been briefing Members of Congress about the London government’s collusion in the systematic assassination of Catholics. The British Embassy (and shamefully the Irish Embassy in the 70s, 80s and early 90s right up to the  beginning of Irish Peace Process) told Congress I was just spreading IRA lies. Now every honest person knows it is the truth. Furthermore— as my work with the intrepid and fearless Raymond McCord, Sr. proves— the London government was quite prepared, when it suited, to collude in the murder of innocent Protestants.”—Fr. Sean Mc Manus