TDs meet with KBC Bank and say they don’t want a return to days of the Black and Tans

Posted By: January 12, 2019

Mattie McGrath, Michael Collins and Carol Nolan met with the bank’s reps in the wake of violent scenes in Roscommon.

The Dublin. Thursday, January 10, 2019

THREE INDEPENDENT TDS today met with representatives of KBC Bank Ireland this afternoon to discuss evictions and how financial institutions deal with people in financial distress.

TDs Mattie McGrath, Michael Collins and Carol Nolan met with the bank’s reps in the wake of violent scenes in Roscommon during an eviction where three members of a family were forcibly removed from the property.

The property was repossessed by private security personnel and there were scuffles with the family who lived in the house and with people who had turned up to support them.

A number of gardaí were present at the scene during the eviction but Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said that the force was not supervising evictions.

Mattie McGrath described his meeting with senior KBC officials as a positive first step in addressing some of the immediate challenges in mortgage distress resolution.  was also joined by the spokesperson for the New Land League and Friends of Banking Ireland, Jerry Beades.

McGrath said: “We want to commend the attitude displayed by KBC bank on this occasion. We gave them the unvarnished reality of what the ordinary person experiences when they find themselves having to engage with the debt resolution process.

There was a clear recognition of the significant gaps between the theory of good practice and how that is actually delivered in individual cases.
“We also stressed how absolutely vital it is that customers are properly informed of cost reduction measures that may be available, with respect to valuations and loan-to-value ratios for example.

“We will be meeting again within the month and we expect further progress on all the issues we raised today and for the good faith on both sides to continue.”

Speaking to Midlands 103, independent Carol Nolan said she told the bank officials that

“we don’t want a repeat of Irish history and we certainly don’t want scenes that go back to the Black and Tan era”.

“In terms of interest rates, that needs to be addressed in that the interest rates that KBC have and other banks have are above the ECB rate at the moment. That’s something that can be addressed.

“We mentioned also the fact there are other cost-reduction options open to people.”

 A KBC spokesperson confirmed that the meeting was constructive. 

“We had a good meeting with Deputy Nolan, Deputy McGrath and Deputy Collins where we listened carefully to their concerns and outlined our continued commitment to engaging in a fair and respectful manner with customers in financial difficulty to find sustainable solutions.”

Gardaí in Dublin are currently investigating a number of arson attacks on KBC branches since the Roscommon incident.