Spicers Trophy Video

Posted By: December 02, 2005

Spicer’s Trophy Video

The Irish Echo deserves the gratitude of all concerned
American tax-payers for doggedly pursuing   one of the
greatest tax rip-offs in recent times: the $293 Million
handout   the Bush Administration lavished on the Aegis
Defense Services headed by the notorious Tim Spicer.

Spicer  — a former terrorist in Northern Ireland, Sierra
Leone and Papua New Guinea — is now a mercenary, a gun for
hire, in Iraq.

The Bush Administration handout is the largest contract
ever given to ” private contractors” in Iraq. Bush bye-
passed American contractors far more qualified and less
ethically challenged than the awful Spicer, a modern-day
Black and Tan.

For months, the Irish National Caucus and the Pat Finucane
Center of Derry have been warning that Spicer would come
back to bite the hand (Bush’s) that fed it. And he has done
that with a vengeance, as Ray O’ Hanlon outlined in his
article “Belfast, now Baghdad? Uproar over Iraq shootings
linked to Spicer company”(November 30-December 6).

O’Hanlon grippingly wrote “The London-published Sunday
Telegraph newspaper reported that a “trophy video” appeared
to show security guards in Baghdad “randomly shooting Iraqi
civilians.  The video, which has been seen by the Echo,
shows four separate clips in which automatic fire is
directed from the rear of an SUVŠ At one point a spent
bullet round appears in the video camera lens inside the
SUV. Voices speaking English are also heard inside the SUVŠ
The four clips are accompanied by an Elvis Presley
soundtrack [Mystery Train]”.

Your hard-earned tax dollars at work in Iraq.

The video was first posted on a Web site belonging to a
former employee of Aegis Defense Services. And Aegis has
stated it has established a formal board of inquiry. That
should instill a lot of confidence in Irish-Americans
familiar with all those British inquires in Northern
Ireland over the past 30 years!

And Tom Griffin has written in Anti-War.com that, “The
video had been available for some months at
http://www.AegisIraq.co.uk, an unofficial Web site whose
existence was originally only known to employees of Aegis
and other contractors.”
(Trophy Video Could Prove Costly for Aegis. December 2)

Surely the US congress should not stand for this? Surely
taxpayers should not tolerate their dollars being used by
the Bush administration to subsidize Spicer’s terrorism in

Whatever happened to the alleged Bush doctrine, ” If you
fund terrorism, you are a terrorist”?

Spicer was the officer in charge of the Scots Guards
regiment in Belfast when it gunned down innocent and
unarmed teenager Peter McBride in September 1992.Spicer
defended that act of state-terrorism and helped to get the
killers re-admitted to the British Army after they served a
few years in prison for the murder.  And now Black and Tan –
Spicer continues his killing ways in Iraq, courtesy of
President Bush’s handout of taxpayer’s dollars.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Father Sean Mc Manus
Irish National Caucus
P.O. Box 15128
Capitol Hill
Washington, D.C. 20003-0849