Seize Spicer-Senate Moment

Posted By: March 29, 2013

CAPITOL HILL. December 16, 2004— Irish-Americans were given an
unexpected Christmas bonus by U.S. Senate Democrats announcing they
will hold Hearings, before the Democratic Policy Committee, on —
among other things– contract abuses in Iraq. (See below article
from Washington Post).

Father Sean Mc Manus has written to both Democratic Senate-leader
Harry Reid and Senator Byron Dorgan (whom announced the Hearings)
saying, “Irish-Americans are very interested to learn that you plan
Hearings on, among other things, contract abuses in Iraq. We have a
particular interest in this because of our efforts to rescind the
293 Million Dollar contract awarded by the Bush Administration to
infamous ex-British army terrorist, Lt. Col. Timothy Spicer, of
Aegis Defense Systems”.( See text of letter below).

Fr. Mc Manus went on to tell the Senators, “I have amassed a ton of
information on this issue, much too much to enclose. I would be
very willing to meet with you, or appropriate members of your
staffs, to discuss this”.

Apart from writing to the Senators, Fr. Mc Manus is alerting all
Irish-American organizations and individuals to the Hearings: “This
provides us with an excellent opportunity hold Spicer accountable
for his military unit assassinating young Peter Mc Bride in
Northern Ireland in 1992. We must seize the moment and not be found
wanting. We owe it to the Mc Bride family and we owe it to the
American people so that their dollars do no subsidize terrorism.
President Bush has said, ” If you fund a terrorist, you are a
terrorist. Yet his Administration has funded terrorist Spicer to
the tune of 293 Million Dollars”.