Posted By: July 12, 2013


CAPITOL HILL. Friday, July 12, 2013 —- The leader of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus  has expressed concern that a horrible act of desecration by Protestant Orangemen in Belfast could be an indication of Satanic influence.

In preparation for the Twelfth of July celebrations (in commemoration of the victory of William of Orange’s victory over Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690) a statue of the Blessed Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, was placed on an Orange bonfire

Fr. Sean Mc Manus saw in this terrible act something just more than the habitual anti-Catholicism of the Orange celebrations, and issued the following statement:

“I’ve always had the attitude that religion, like everything else, is ” fair game”: That it is open to criticism, jokes and even ridicule.

However, I have always felt that a direct attack on the Person of Jesus Christ or His Blessed Mother (the Blessed Virgin Mary) is intrinsically evil, and may well be Satanic in its influence.

Years ago, the journalist Kevin Myers — who surely cannot be seen as a Republican/Nationalist/ Catholic propagandist  — reported seeing a gang of Loyalists/Orangemen/Unionists in Belfast chanting,’F –k the Blessed Virgin.’

That chilled me to the bone.

And now I read in the Irish News (July 11) that a statue of Our Lady was placed

on an Orange bonfire ( ” Holy Statue Placed on Bonfire”).

Some of the reported reaction described it as ” insensitive and in poor taste.”

It was certainly that, but, I fear,  it is much, much more.

What would prompt celebrations  — intimately associated with the Orange Order/Unionists/Loyalists, and just before The Twelfth — to do such a thing?

All of those who conduct such celebrations would presumably regard themselves as Christians — that is as followers of Jesus Christ.

Well, for Christians, central to God’s plan and to Biblical Revelation is the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Under God’s plan, there would be no Incarnation without Mary; under God’s plan, The Word would not have been ” made flesh”; under God’s plan, without Mary, Jesus Christ would not have been born; under God’s plan, without Mary, there would be no ” One Mediator”, no Passion, Death and Resurrection; under God’s plan, without Mary there no be no Redemption, no Salvation.

That is why Scripture teaches ” all generations should call Mary blessed” , that Mary is ” full of grace”, and that Jesus is Son of God and Son of Mary.

For Christians, there is NO Christianity without Mary, who made Jesus possible. No Mary, no Jesus.

And that is why placing the Blessed Mother’s statue on a bonfire is so deeply disturbing. Cui bono (who benefits)? There can only be one answer: Satan, however defined.

I would urgently call on the individuals responsible for this anti-Christ act, to go to the visible representative of their Faith system — their Pastor, Moderator or Protestant Bishop — and seek deliverance from their awful possession (however theologically defined). Their anti-Christ action can have a devastating and life-long effect on themselves and their family. They have opened a portal, which without spiritual help, cannot be easily closed.”