Raymond Mc Cord – The Protestant ‘Pat Finucane’

Posted By: March 18, 2007

Photo Shows Fr. Mc Manus And Raymond Mc Cord, Sr,
Outside White House, Wednesday, March 14, 2007
The Protestant “Pat Finucane”
The Raymond Mc Cord Case

CAPITOL HILL. ST. PATRICK’S DAY, 2007 — The Raymond Mc Cord
case is going to become the Protestant version of the Pat
Finucane case.

That is what the President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish
National Caucus, Fr. Sean Mc Manus, has told Chief Constable,
Hugh Orde.

With Mc Cord’s father, Raymond, SR, standing by his side, Fr. Mc
Manus told the Chief Constable in Washington that the Mc Cord
case was resonating powerfully in the Congress and the White
House because of the power of its narrative, and the impact of
the O’Loan Report — and that it was not going to go away.

“For over 30 years”, Fr. Mc Manus explained,” Members of Congress
have heard me go on and on about collusion – about how the
British security forces and the Northern Ireland police
cooperated with Protestant death squads to assassinate Catholics.
What is dramatically different now is that the Mc Cords are a
Protestant family – a loyal Ulster family, proud of their British
heritage. And when people see Mc Cord’s father, Raymond. Sr.,
walk the halls of Congress and the White House with a Catholic
priest like myself, it makes a powerfully compelling statement.”
(Paul Mc Illwaine, father of David murdered in 2000, is also
Protestant and he too was in Washington lobbying).

Fr. Mc Manus went on to say: ” Just as Irish-Americans have stood
in solidarity with the Finucanes we will stand with the Mc Cords,
and we will not let any case of collusion slip through the
cracks. Both the Finucanes and the Mc Cords are the first to
emphasize that their cases are merely the tip of the iceberg and
both want all the other cases give due attention, as do we”.

Father Sean Mc Manus
President Irish National Caucus
P.O. Box 15128 Capitol Hill
Washington, D.C. 20003-0849