MacBride Principles

Support for the MacBride Principles as of October, 1999

Posted By: March 28, 2013


• The Irish Government; the British Labor Party

• Major sections of the British and Irish trade union movements

• Nobel Peace Prize Winner and co-founder of the Peace People, Mairead Corrigan of Belfast

Religious Leaders, Organizations and Pension Funds

• American Baptist Convention

• American Baptist Churches, USA

• Archdiocese of Manchester, New Hampshire

• Archdiocese of New York

• Cardinal O’Connor

• Christian Brothers Investment Services

• Church Women United

• Episcopal Church in America

• Florida Catholic Conference

• Franciscan Friars

• Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility

• Leadership Conference of Religious Women (a coalition of 250 Protestant and Catholic denominations)

• Lutheran Pension Board

• National Council of Churches

• Oblate Fathers

• Sisters of Charity of New York and New Jersey

• Sisters of Dominic of Sensiniwa, WI; Caldwell,
NJ;Adrian, MI and Sparkill, NY.

• Society of Atonement

• Society of Jesus

• Unitarian Universalist Association

• United Methodist Church

• United Church of Christ Board of World Ministries

• Recently the Protestant and Catholic Churches in Ireland joined with the Protestant and Catholic Churches of the United States of America and issued a call for Fair Employment and Investment in Northern Ireland. This is what they said about the MacBride Principles:

“Many Americans support the MacBride Principles, as amplified, as good faith, nonviolent means to promote fair employment. We urge that any support of these amplified principles, which offer positive values and focus on fair employment, be joined with continued support for strong fair employment measures and an active commitment to investment and job creation. The amplified principles, as many of their advocates agree, should not be used to discourage investment or encourage disinvestment.”

• In March, 1994, the European Parliament issued a Report on discrimination in Northern Ireland. The Report stated that American pressure was “responsible for reopening the question of discrimination in Northern Ireland. . . .” This Report also states that “Northern Ireland Catholics see the worldwide ‘MacBride Principles’ campaign as a great source of support in overcoming their problems and [this Report] endorses the campaign’s moral principles. . . .”

Organized Labor in America


• Irish-American Labor Coalition

• National Education Association

Major Non-religious, Private Institutional Shareholders

• Ford Foundation Pension Fund

• Radcliffe College Pension Fund

• Franklin Research and Development Corporation

• Wellesley College Pension Fund

• Georgetown University Pension Fund

• Wesleyan University Pension Fund

• Harvard University Pension Fund